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Everyone lies. And they all have skeletons hidden away. But secrets have a way of coming out—especially if they impact someone else. Jane wasn't an oops baby. She was a dammit! What falsehood didn't destroy her as a child, have the potential to destroy her as an adult.


No one noticed me until the day I went missing. But from that point on, they couldn’t stop seeing me. My face was plastered everywhere: in the news, on social media, and on flyers tacked up around the small Minnesota town of Cedar Point.

For my entire life, I have been invisible. I wasn’t an oops baby, a child my parents would eventually grow to love; I was a dammit, a baby no one would ever love. Lily and Laurel, my identical twin sisters, were my parents’ dream. I was their mistake. Plain Jane is what they called me.

I had always lived in the shadow of others—until the terrifying call that sent me on the run. Who wanted me dead? Was it my well-known, but abusive husband or my estranged parents? The town drifter I saw more often than my own family or the Chief of Police I had loved since I was twelve? Or were they all working together? I could trust no one.

All these years, I only thought no one saw me. But as the lies mushroomed, I realized everyone had seen me from the very beginning. Like a marionette, my life had been manipulated. I had been a puppet with many masters, each just waiting for the perfect moment to cast me aside.

While some lies are small, the ones they told had the potential to destroy me.


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Perrine's stories take you on a journey. Her writing tugs at your heartstrings, stirs your imagination, touches your funny bone, and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. She is an incredible storyteller.

I was fortunate enough to review THE LIES THEY TOLD before it was published. I was blown away by not just the storyline but the way Perrine drew me in; I was part of the story. I cried, I laughed, and I got angry as hell. This book has it all. You won't put it down.


Mary grabs your attention from the very beginning and leads you through a maze of lies and betrayal, hurt and confusion. This story is woven masterfully and leaves you wanting more!


Yet another great book from Mary Perrine! Lots of twist and turns. Just when I thought I had it figured out, she'd throw in a wrench that made me rethink! Great book with a great ending that made perfect sense!

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