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The loss of a child is gut-wrenching, and grief is a sneaky bastard. It grabs on and never lets go, especially when someone won't let it.


Norah, Colton, and Grace are strangers who belong to the same club, one they didn’t choose. The club shouldn’t even exist—but it does. And the pain its members suffer is unbearable.

The life each once dreamed of has slipped through their fingers, leaving all three single parents grappling with the loss of their only child. Their new reality slowly begins to suffocate them, sending them, brokenhearted, into a world filled with children who are not their own.

Colton tries to avoid the past altogether. Norah attempts to erase her child’s existence. Grace battles with demons she fears she will never overcome. The loss of a child makes you do things you never dreamed possible.

Just when their good days finally begin to outnumber their bad ones, the letters begin to arrive. Someone doesn’t want them to forget. But how could they? When a child is gone, they are always remembered, just as when a song stops playing, the melody can still be heard. But who’s turning up the volume of loss so loudly no one can move forward? Who keeps pointing out what they already know? More importantly, why?

Norah, Colton, and Grace must deal with lies and secrets as they struggle to live life without air.


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